Montag, 27. April 2009

Terms of Surrender - Happy Together

That's how some DJ's like it. 11:54 Minutes Non-Stop Music on one record-side for doing some break, going to the toilet or smoking a cigarette. In this case i would move immediately to the floor doin' some kinky moves with ya!

Disconet DJ NEWS Volume 5 Program 12 about "Terms of Surrender":
>Terms of Surrender come from New York and London to combine the British new music style with basic New York beat box. Their debut single for MSB Records covers The Turtles' classic 1960s smash, "Happy Together." Mark Berry produced, so you know the tracks cook from the nice intro to the very last beat.<

You have not heard about DISCONET before? I refer to the following texts:
The Disconet Story (Deutsch)
The Disconet Story (English)

You won't go to the toilet, smoking no cigarette, having no break? Ok, simply listen to the part without Boris Midney's D-D-D-Dance....
A fantastic, spooky pop-influenced bomb putting your pants off!

Terms of Surrender - Happy Together

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