Montag, 13. April 2009

Oldie but goldie...

We love the sun and we love the warm nights...!!!
An ever glowing musicscape helps us to intensify a feeling for years: DUB-TECHNO. The inventors around Moritz von Oswald and the Basic Channel Crew in Berlin did the right thing to create sound which is timeless. Some tried to copy, but didn't reach them really... One ode to "the chiefs" has been fixed by AME with BASIC TRACK (which speaks for itself) on the B-Side of the great 12" on Innervision that almost sunk in oblivion because the A-Track "Rej" was much greater in 2005. That one has been edited and remixed nowadays.

Ame - Basic Track
for promotional use and for presentation only. we will clear this snippet in a short period of time.
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