Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

Atmosfear - Xtra Special (1982/UK) - Elite Records

Our beloved man Hunee from Berlin was over here in Ulm a few weeks ago. It was big fun all the time! Besides constant hugging and smiling, we talked about good food, music and records. One of our topics was ueber producer Andy Sojka's Elite Records Label. Hunee played "How High" from Spencer Jones and we had a lot of fun competing about which Elite Release was the best one.
The Result? We didn't come to an agreement!:-) There are just too many good tunes and to champion one specific release would be truly off-key!

I have chosen Atmosfear's "Xtra Special" for this post. Atmosfear was one of the main projects of Andy Sojka. Most of you will know him under his "Powerline" moniker and i'm sure you already have downloaded his classic "double journey" somewhere in the web. So let's get back quickly to "Xtra Special", a solid 80ies tune with some trademark Elite/Sojka ingredients!


- this is the original pre-release version which appeared on a white label.
- check out Dolette Mcdonald's "(Xtra) Special"" and you will be surprised, not just by the similar tracknames.

Atmosfear - Xtra Special"
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