Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

All over the world!

The real disco and boogie-productions vanished long ago... but one sound remaines until today : the modern/neo sound of soul! Chuck Jackson's "All over the world" shows how this style has to sound like in 1989 ... heartrending, a great voice from a seasoned person and... "progressive", having no human percussions in the song. So, this production was done with "a housy beat" from drumcomputers which was carried by inexpensive chords&horns from wacky synths. He was modern indeed... in the view of today he was ahead of the times because he gives a pleasent feel of the great sound which was produced in the beginning of the 90's! This stuff's all over the world! Both perfect for rainy and sunny days! Check it out and make love!

Chuck Jackson - All over the world
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