Sonntag, 29. März 2009

RARE COSMIC DISCO BOMB 1979 !!!! What's it worth???

You may know this strange species called "record collector" (syn. record hunter, mad seeker, maniacs). It's a passion for them having new sound, new input, mostly everyday, every second!!! Well, same's to me somehow, hehe. Ok, now a a story that may fit on you, too...

I was walking through a dessert of bad vinyl. Suddenly a mysterious record-oasis emerged! Everything seemed to fit: The appearance, the age, the usefulness for my body, soul and ear... how... worthy and precious! But as it is in many cases: IT'S FATA MORGANA (mostly identified at home on the recordplayer)!

Same to the record above. It's NOT a cosmic disco bomb, its disappointing, easy to get carnival-disco that cannot be edited, sampled or whatsoever (exept the VOCODER-PART--> makes mood). The B-Side is no hidden gem, too. Now i've got it in my stock (with all these other fata morganas! HARG!).

Hindsight is easier than foresight, that's clear.

But bad experiences good sometimes bring a favourable issue:

1. it was worth enough positing it on the bleepgeeks-blog to warn you! :)
2. it found this on the net as consolation:

If you want to share your FATA MORGANA-Experiences, let us KNOW! WE ARE KEEN ON KNOWING IT!

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